Primary Performer

imageWe build well balanced and incredibly durable percussion keyboard mallets that perform across a wide range of instruments. Designed by music educators, our Primary Performer mallets are built with premium quality and ease of tone production in mind. Children deserve the finest mallets they can get, and their parents and teachers will love these design features:

Cast rubber core – It won’t come off!

Strong synthetic composite handle (30cm)*

Precision wrapped with durable nylon yarn

Excellent tone across a wide range of instruments

A set of Primary Performer mallets will provide years of playing!

*Also available with Hickory or Birch handles

Yarn Wrapped Mallets

Omni Yellow Mallet

PY-5 Soft Best for low range keyboard percussion. This mallet delivers a dark tone and calm articulation.

OMNI Green

PY-4 Medium Soft Ideal for bass xylophones and metallophones. This mallet produces a smooth tone and cool articulation.

Omni Blue Mallet

PY-3 Medium Suitable for bass xylophones and metallophones. The medium wrapped mallet is an all around performer that produces a full tone with clean articulation.


PY-2 Medium Hard Great for alto and soprano range xylophones and metallophones. Bright tone with clear articulation.


PY-1 Hard Specifically for soprano xylophone. Brilliant tone with a crisp articulation.

Rubber Mallets

Utilizing the same core casting techniques and durable handle design, our unwrapped mallets are ideal for many of the same performance applications as yarn mallets, but with a different sounding attack. The 28mm mallet heads are available in five carefully chosen hardnesses and are the cores of the Primary Performer Yarn Mallets.

Yellow Soft Rubber

PR-5 Soft

Green Medium Soft Rubber

PR-4 Medium Soft

Blue Medium EDIT

PR-3 Medium

PR-2 Medium Hard

Black Hard EDIT

PR-1 Hard

Classroom Set - Medium

Classroom Set – 16 pairs

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