SJ-3 Jammerz

We’ve developed a unique mallet/stick design that combines the best of our wrapped mallet build techniques with the versatility of a drum stick. With handles made from durable American hickory, 32mm mushroom head mallet core cast directly onto the 42cm handle, and wrapped with durable synthetic black yarn, these mallets are up for any unique performance application. Ideal for junk jams, found and made instruments, bucket drumming, drum circles, and samba bands. 2B stick size.

Jammerz – exclusively from BlueHaus.



SB-3 B’Rutes

Big Rutes! A new multi-mallet from BlueHaus designed for performance applications where a standard rute is desired, but the durability of a stick is essential. The cousin of Jammerz, B’rutes are a beefy rute combined with a yarn wrapped mallet in a unique design that combines the distinct sound and versatility of a rod bundle with the special features of our yarn mallet designs. An outstanding performer in a vast range of applications with the durability and build quality to match.

B’Rutes – exclusively from BlueHaus.

B’Rutes Rod/Mallet Combo Specifications:

* Solid hickory core with 9 maple dowels (40cm length x 20mm diameter)
* Medium hardness cast rubber core (32mm mushroom head + yarn wrap)
* Wrapped in durable, synthetic, yarn; Grey yarn with black tie off
* Rod bundle with adjustable collar and durable mallet head on the other end
* Perfect for bucket drumming, drum circles, or any performance demanding a distinct sound

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