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Concert ConductorCommissioning a concert work for your school band or orchestra program is a fantastic way to generate student enthusiasm. Furthermore, the educational value of preparing material composed specifically for your group pays incredible dividends. If you’re looking for a new contest piece, but just can’t find the right one, or have a special event that would benefit from a commemorative work, you’re in the right place. Commissioned concert works are often considered too expensive or out of reach for many programs so BlueHaus Music has developed a project rate calculator where one can get an estimated cost for a commission that is based on ensemble type, difficulty, and length. Get the perfect piece at a great price from BlueHaus Music.

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Commission Form for Band and Orchestra

Currently available in the BlueHaus Music library

Al Waha (Oasis)  Sarabande de La Habana  The Long Now  Go Between  Maghmarat al Sahara  The Cavern

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