If you have MIDI files that need some life or a home studio mix in need of rescuing, BlueHaus Music is the place. Standard MIDI just doesn’t sound that good and we’re all better off surrounding ourselves with the richest sound environment that we can. But, let’s face it, virtual libraries are expensive. At BlueHaus, this investment is central to the philosophy of creating high quality audio produced by mixing live performance with virtual sounds. The result – great sounding tracks that are budget friendly.

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In addition to audio rendering, mixing and production services are available to rescue that recording session that isn’t quite right. BlueHaus can take your session or audio files to produce a top quality studio mix that will have you sounding like a pro. Song writers can work with BlueHaus Music to produce their tracks from rough draft to LP or breathe new life into old material.

Virtual Ensemble

Live Recording & Virtual Ensemble Mix

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