Brad E. Howard

Brad and Emily

Brad and his wife, Emily

My teaching career in the United States and abroad has seen many local, regional, and national recognitions. Some of the highlights include award-winning percussion ensembles and concert bands in Illinois, and in Oregon, receiving two GRAMMY Foundation Signature School Awards, hosting Sandip Burman as guest performer and lecturer, and featuring Wayne Bergeron as soloist with the Charles A. Sprague High School Jazz Ensemble performing professional charts by Gordon Goodwin, Bill Liston, and Tom Kubis. As a composer, I have published works for concert and marching percussion ensemble, as well as pieces for young concert band, wind ensemble, chamber orchestra, and mixed ensembles.

I have served music education as a studio instructor, classroom teacher, band director, and department head. As a clinician, I have presented at local and regional events in the United States, Gulf Countries, and most recently at the Near East South Asia Conference in Athens, Greece. Perception of sound is a key aspect of my life and I have collected research on the impact that the sonic environment has on student achievement. Inspired by Julian Treasure’s “Sound Education” model, I designed my Sound Learning presentation to increase awareness of the impact of noise in the classroom. I am proud to bring all of these experiences to the workshop table of BlueHaus in designing and building our keyboard percussion mallets.
Having composed for my entire teaching career, I found that living abroad presented new opportunities and the freedom to pursue my goal of operating a successful production desk. BlueHaus Music is a small production company among thousands. However, I have the ears, experience, and skill set that only time allows.