Percussion Mallets

BlueHaus builds keyboard percussion mallets for students, educators, and performers of all experience levels. With years of music education and performance expertise built into each design, it is our pleasure to offer four fantastic product lines – Primary Performer, Concert Master, Contemporary Artist, and Multi-Mallets. Using carefully selected building materials, BlueHaus Mallets have the professional tone and feel that comes with premium handcrafted quality.

Cotemporary Artist

Contemporary Artist

Primary Performer

Primary Performer


The finest custom percussion mallet build site on the web

Announcing our custom mallet build website for students, educators, and performers! Imagine being able to choose your handle, head shape, weight, hardness, articulation, yarn wrap and color. Imagine being able to see the mallet you’re designing in clear, detailed imagery. Imagine being able to hear your mallet design played on marimba and vibraphone. This is the site we’ve built for you!

Build YOUR custom mallet at BLUEHA.US now!